About Me

I am the World renown Pimpstress Mistress Thick!

As a Black Female Supremacist,  I can be the bane of your existence or the key to your salvation!  Either way,  I am YOUR future obsession!

I hail from NYC this is also where you will find my primary playground! The universe has placed me here to complete a very special mission.  My mission in life is to eradicate white males by feminizing and reverting the white male back to his true homosexual nature.  

Let's face it. White men have proclivities to homosexuality. White men are born to be subjugated to an Ebony Superior!  White men should not be allowed to procreate! White men should be placed into Chastity, Cuckolded, Castrated, Feminized and even sold for the financial gain of an Ebony Female Superior!
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