Hosting Blow and Go night TONIGHT 1/29/16 !

So toning me and Mistress Unknown have gathered our bulls and they cocks are hungry for your mouth fags ! So tonight we will be hosting our infamous blow n go night !

Blow n Go – To suck a cock to completion then immediately leave, usually anonymous !

So many of you want to know what B & G night is … Imagine entering my sanctuary and immediately being instructed to strip naked! After being exposed and naked  you will then be hooded and collared!  Now that you are in your proper attire, I will take you by your leash and leading you to your salvation BBC! My bulls will stand stout with cocks hung and ready for fresh mouths !  There in front of my bulls Pimpstress MistressThick and Mistress Unknown will proceed to feed you cock !

Like how this sounds ??? Well , then

Posted on: January 29, 2016Pimpstress

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